Hi, I'm Luke!

A mugshot from Laracon EU

Hello there! I'm a web developer based in the UK. I've been writing code since 2013, and have learned a lot of things from a lot of people on the way.

The technologies I use every single day include PHP, JS, CSS and HTML. I also dabble in Swift and Kotlin, though I would by no means class myself as a native developer. I love Laravel, Alpine JS, Inertia, Tailwind CSS and Vue, which I use in nearly every project I set out on.

My favourite part of developing software is that feeling when, perhaps after several refactors and a few too many cups of tea, you find the perfect architecture for the task at hand.

I'm a big proponent of TDD (although I'm no zealot, so don't be scared), clean architecture and love myself a bit of dependency inversion. I also love sharing the things I learn.

To pay the bills, I teach all things Laravel and PHP over at Laracasts. If you somehow haven't heard of it, you should check it out because it's a sure fire way to level up your coding skills. I'm also a member of the Pest PHP Core Team, building out and maintaining features on what I think is the greatest PHP testing framework there is.

This website is my little blank canvas. I'll be posting blogs, videos, ideas and tutorials on here. Feel free to check them out (or don't, you have free will). If you want to reach out and chat code, I'm all ears! You can reach me at any of my links listed here.

Why is your site so basic?

Well, first off, this site is certainly not written in Basic (although if you do code in Basic, props to you). However, if you're referring to the style of the site, then my answer to you is quite simple - I want to get content on your screen as quickly as possible. This site loads in less that a second on a 3G connection. Who says simple can't be great?

If you're interested, this site is a simple Laravel site, with content handled by Wink. I'm using Tailwind CSS for styling. There is no JavaScript in sight/site.

I'm not here to do fancy things with images or load in crazy libraries. I'm not here to track you or sell you something you don't need. I'm here because it's the web, and I can be. This site is all about me, not about what I can make the web do.